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Good Reading Set


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Used-A Good Reading Set For The Inspirational Reader   

This is a great gift set. 
See details on items condition.

Kit Contents:

Miniature Holy Bible
 Without the key chain Attachment
A unique gift. 
A miniature Bibles that measures approximately 1.25 inches wide,
1.5 inches tall, and .5 inches deep.
Black cover with hinge has the words "Holy Bible" and a cross in gold-colored print.
Contains excerpts of the Old Testament and New Testament in really small print
Contains a clasp to hold the cover shut. 
This is item is a key chain.  Unfortunatly the keyholder was not very 
durable.  The Bible is still a very good gift to yourself or someone else.
Condition: Good

Her Perfect Match 
(Laurel Glen, Book 4)
Kate Welsh (Author)
Fantastic Romance! 
Her strong faith and her “ spoiled heiress” reputation.
She didn’ t want anyone to see just how vulnerable she really was.
Then she met Jackson Alton, who saw through her games and insisted
that she drop the mask and step out into the light.
Jackson didn’ t want to like the stubborn beauty… but he did.
He liked Elizabeth so much that he sought her out, wanted her to feel safe with him.
While she revealed who she was, Jackson had to find his own identity.
But once she discovered the truth about where he came from,
would they lose the closeness they’ d worked so hard to build?
Condition: Acceptable

A Love Beyond
(Laurel Glen Series #5) (Love Inspired #218)
Kate Welsh (Author)
Romantic and suspenseful! 
While on assignment, Detective Jim Lovell found greener pastures in Colorado.
His life had been full of accidents, but none more surprising than his collision
with six-foot-tall beauty Crystal Alton. Jim believed God had guided him to paradise.
But would Crystal turn him away when she discovered why he came to town? 

Crystal sensed Jim Lovell hid something beneath his rugged charm.
He worked on her ranch, yet could barely ride a horse.
And he had the inquisitiveness of a man in search of gold.
Could it be that she’d found someone who truly cared for her, or would his
secret keep him from making that final declaration of love. . .?
Condition: Acceptable 

Sweet Accord 
(Love Inspired #197)
Felicia Mason (Author) 
Sweet harmony strikes a nice mellow chord very close to home.
Light, melodic tones. That was a worship service. Not guitar music!
At least, Haley Cartwright believed that, and she was willing to do anything
to prevent the new choir director from changing things.
No matter that the man stirred up more than just Haley's anger and made her 
yearn for things she had long given up on . . . 

Matt Brandon had come to the small Oregon town to start over.
He'd never expected to face an adversary like Haley.
And though she protested she wanted him out of town, he saw how much his music touched her.
Could he use his music to work through her fears and show her the blessings of love?
Condition: Good

Samantha's Gift
 (Serenity Series #5) (Love Inspired #217) 
Valerie Hansen (Author) 
This story is sweet.
Though the gossips had them pegged as an item, teacher Rachel Woodward 
was merely helping Sean Bates,the new guidance counselor,learn small-town ways.
But his looks and charm were almost irresistible.
And it was a good thing Rachel no longer fell prey to romantic insanity. 

Yet she couldn't ignore Sean, or how wonderfully he cared for the sweet, rambunctious
five-year-old who'd landed in their school -- and both their hearts. 
Little Samantha needed a father, and Sean would be the perfect man for the job.
But she needed a mother, too. . . and suddenly Rachel wondered if God had a family in store
for her after all.
Condition: Good

Shelter from the Storm
 (Everyday Heroes, Book 2) (Love Inspired #198)
Cheryl Wolverton (Author) 
An enjoyable, easy read filled with mystery and love.
Lily Hammond was tired of hiding, tired of being afraid.
She needed time to heal and a place to start over.
She prayed Pride, Louisiana, would be that place. With newfound faith, here she could begin again,
guarded by a man who vowed to keep her safe, but who also stirred her heart . . . 

The brutal reality of running a security firm had led CEO Josh Staring to question himself
and his faith. But when he discovered Lily was in danger, 
he seized the chance to redeem himself by helping her. 
He would protect her, but he would also earn her trust . . . and with His help, her love.
Condition: Good

Indulge notebook/journal and a notepad included with this purchase.
Sized to fit in your tote or bag, this versatile journal is perfect for travel or everyday use.